Little Wanderlette's

Little Wanderlette's exists because Whackadoodles and Wanderlust, LOVES children!

Most littles have BIG imaginations. One, is to be cool like the big kids! Here, we offer our "Little Wanderlette's" the opportunity to have a line of their own. It's made just like all our other pieces but in a Wanderlette size. It's the perfect chance to look just like the hero in their life. 

 We create every piece using an actual piece of antique silver plated flatware. We love the idea of up-cycling discarded silverware to give it new life! We rescue pieces from thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets and antique stores! 

 First the flatware is cleaned... then after using a little elbow grease the art begins. We flatten, bend, stamp, add tinker charms and our loving detail. Each piece is a possible heirloom to treasure for years to come.