Our Story


Whackadoodles & Wanderlust is based in the out skirts of Seattle Washington. “Where Spooning Never Gets Old!” describes the family business as it is! We SPOON all day, every day! Ha! By spooning, we mean that we rescue vintage flatware, spoons mostly, and bring them back to life as jewelry! We have a PASSION for what we do and it shows. Every item we create is handmade with LOVE and close attention to detail. You'll see the cutting edge influence of the GREAT Northwest in each piece. We’re often asked where we find our flatware. We shop local thrift stores, yard sales, vintage markets, public auctions, estate sales and antique stores.


Get to Know the Whackadoodles!

We're a husband and wife TEAM! There's nobody in the world we'd rather spend time with, than each other. (This is where you're supposed to say, "awe!" then insert pink double heart emoji's.) I, Staci Scheffer, also known as, Mrs. Whackadoodle, am a SUPER, LoVey-DoVey mushy gal who can be a total cheeseball! Todd Scheffer aka, Mr. Whackadoodle, is a real funny guy!! He enjoys sipping a cold beverage and bending rings while Mrs. Whackadoodle sneaks sips, designs and hammers out flatware for the next piece. Nacho Libre and Dumb & Dumber are quoted on a regular. We have SO much FUN putting our heads together and creating EPIC "Eagle Power" items! (that's a Nacho Libre pun in case you're wondering where that came from.) When in the shop, we lose track of time, laughing, creating and sharing dreams and ideas. Unfortunately, “Spooning” isn’t our full time job. Mr. W is an entrepreneur, in the construction trade. You can find his work on Facebook as Pope of Tile or Instagram as @PopeofTile. I too have a full time job, it’s what I like to call myself as a "Domestic Engineer.” We have 4  WHACKY children, 3 guys (Because they won’t stand for me saying, boys.) and a sweet girl who keeps us on our TOES!! They are our HEARTs that beat on the outside... We are a family who proudly celebrates GRACE in a BIG way and are Christ followers.


Thank YOU for taking the time to get to know us a little!  (Insert Mrs. W squeal & heart eyed smiley emoji.)It’s an honor that you have showed interest in what we do! Have FUN, think out of the box! Take your time looking, hurry back and let us know what you think or if you have questions, and for Pete's sake (Whoever PETE is?) forgive us for our grammar we are  obviously grammatically challenged! (winky emoji!)

~ The Whackadoodles